Monday, January 14, 2013

Studio39 works for 2013

Dear Android gamers,

We finished 2012 with the release of Brain Optimizer v0.2 update that although still in a beta stage the feedback is being fantastic. Our plans for Brain Optimizer in 2013 are the best and we're planning to finish the game over this year. This means that some major updates are in the works to be released in the following months bringing more mini-games to all categories and new features to the game.

While Brain Optimizer deserves all our attention we didn't forget our other products that are also available in the Google Play: the live wallpaper I Love Football and the tic tac toe game Tic Tac Fun. In fact a major update for each of this two products are also in the works for 2013. We will redesign both products to be displayed beautifully in smartphones and tablets introducing also some new features.

So this means that 2013 will be an active year to Studio 39. Between Brain Optimizer, I Love Football and Tic Tac Fun there is a lot of good work to do but that's not all. We are planning to introduce two new Android games in 2013. Stay tunned :)


  1. I would like to congrat you for your excellent apps for Android. When do you start to code for iOS?