Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brain Optimizer v0.2 update available now

It's here, it's available...it's the Brain Optimizer first official update.

Everything in the game has changed.

We have redesigned all aspects of the game, from menus and the respective navigation system, to all the 4 initial games and the way they are played. The results are a complete new game both in "looks and feels".

Brain Optimizer v0.2 is now fully compatible with smartphones and tablets (covering virtually all the screen sizes and resolutions). With this version, we also introduce a new gameplay mechanism based on 3 checkpoint levels called "Brain Levels" that you must reach in order to get higher scores. This is a much more fun, competitive and rewarding way to play Brain Optimizer. All games were also optimized in order to accommodate all the changes we have made.

Also, we fixed several technical issues reported from the v0.1 feedback.

Brain Optimizer v0.2 is now available on Google Play. If you are a Brain Optimizer v0.1 user you just have to update.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brain Optimizer v0.2 coming soon...

Hi Android gamers,

It's been a while since Brain Optimizer was original released. Since then, we've analised the feedback given from you every day and we are very happy with the positive response. But for us, this was just the beginning.

We've been working hard to improve the game in both design and gameplay. Know, we are happy to announce that Brain Optimizer v0.2 update it's in his final development stage and ready to be released this month.

Stay tuned.

Friday, April 20, 2012

When the first update for Brain Optimizer will become available?

Hello Brain Optimizer users,

Brain Optimizer was launched on 30-December-2011 in a beta state. Since then the game has been receiving a great feedback from all over the world.

We are now in April, 4 months has passed since launch, and Brain Optimizer Beta is still in version 0.1. So the obvious question is: when Brain Optimizer will be updated?

We remind you that Brain Optimizer Beta is still in active development stage, and we have solid plans to complete the game with new games and features. During this 4 months we have improved the original 4 mini-games included on the version 0.1, and we are testing new games and features to add.

On the other hand, we are trying to optimize the game for different screen resolutions. And that is a time consuming task for a small team like us.

So the answer to the question: When the first update for Brain Optimizer will become available?

While we can't promise a exact date, we can strongly affirm that starting July the Brain Optimizer Beta will receive updates in a regular basis. That includes new mini-games, new game modes, constant improvements and support, until we reach a stable final version.

Thank you !!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Brain Optimizer BETA a sneak peek on the user interface

Almost a week has passed since Brain Optimizer BETA was released on Android Market, so today we decided to start a series of articles about our new game.

We have been receiving a lot of good feedback on Brain Optimizer BETA and besides the 4 games included, the user interface was one aspect that users loved it.

You understand that as BETA the game is currently limited in options, so a lot of the user interface is still to be unveiled. Nevertheless our goal on Brain Optimizer is to build a simple, clean and sophisticated user interface.
We build the menus using big bubble icons for easy touch and we organized the topics as sliding pages, a concept that Android users are very used to. On BETA v0.1 you jump directly in to the "Select your game" menu, so you can slide between the four game categories: Numbers, Logic, Memory and Reflexes. Each game category features his own icons with his respective color. Choosing the game that you wanna play is a direct decision that only requires one single touch.

Menus and icons are not the only aspects that define a user interface. Also very important is the consistency through game. An example of consistency are the categories colors in which, all Numbers games are green, all Logic games are red, all Memory games are yellow and all Reflexes games are blue. Another example of consistency is that all games starts with a quick tutorial followed by a 3, 2, 1 countdown. Also all games can end on two ways. A game is considered Completed when the user finishes all the questions in the time given (zero included). On the other hand, a game is considered Time Up when the user fails to finish all the questions on the given time. No matter on the way you end the game you will always be presented with a final score.

So there it is our quick article about Brain Optimizer BETA user interface. We are excited to keep improving this great user interface with new features in the future.