Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brain Optimizer v0.2 update available now

It's here, it's available...it's the Brain Optimizer first official update.

Everything in the game has changed.

We have redesigned all aspects of the game, from menus and the respective navigation system, to all the 4 initial games and the way they are played. The results are a complete new game both in "looks and feels".

Brain Optimizer v0.2 is now fully compatible with smartphones and tablets (covering virtually all the screen sizes and resolutions). With this version, we also introduce a new gameplay mechanism based on 3 checkpoint levels called "Brain Levels" that you must reach in order to get higher scores. This is a much more fun, competitive and rewarding way to play Brain Optimizer. All games were also optimized in order to accommodate all the changes we have made.

Also, we fixed several technical issues reported from the v0.1 feedback.

Brain Optimizer v0.2 is now available on Google Play. If you are a Brain Optimizer v0.1 user you just have to update.

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