Friday, November 22, 2013

It's a clock, it's a calendar. It's Clock & Calendar for SmartWatch 2!

Hello SmartWatch 2 users :)

We're glad to announce the release of our new app for Sony SmartWatch 2, the Clock & Calendar for SW2. 

This is a beautiful and luxurious Clock for your SmartWatch 2, that also is a Calendar. It's a 2-in-1 smart solution that you can enjoy in an elegant way. You can swipe your finger vertically on the screen to switch from Clock to Calendar, and swipe horizontally to navigate the calendar months, and swipe vertically again and you will be back to the Clock.

Clock & Calendar comes with great settings features that allow you to build your own Clock & Calendar look by changing all type of colours with countless possibilities from your smartphone and see the changes happening live on your SmartWatch 2. The color scheme that you define for the Clock will also be applied to the Calendar.

You can use Clock & Calendar on your daily routine but you shouldn't never forget it to use it to impress your friends on a party or special dinner.

Clock & Calendar for SmartWatch 2 is available for sale on Google Play at €0.99.



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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Take control of your time with Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2

We are glade to announce that we realeased of Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 on October, 27. Meanwhile we already have update the Stopwatch to version 1.5.

Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 its a great usefull app that we designed carefully to make you feel that belongs to you SmartWatch 2.

Whenever you need to time an event just start Stopwatch from your wrist and make it happen.

Stopwatch works with milliseconds precision and it saves battery life by showing you only the Hours:Minutes:Seconds while running. When you pause it the Stopwatch will show you the complete time.

Stopwatch features screen Auto-Dim brightness to save battery life. This feature will automatically dim the brightness of your SmartWatch 2 screen after every 10 seconds without interaction.

Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 is available for sale on Google Play at €0.99.


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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Different plans for Tic Tac Fun and I Love Football Live Wallpaper

With our work on Brain Optimizer being so well received we decided to change the plans for Tic Tac Fun and I Love Football Live Wallpaper, our other 2 apps launched in Google Play.

Tic Tac Fun was a really fun experience 2 years ago when we first launched this green tit tac toe game on Google Play, at the time called Android Market, because it was our first experience with Android developing and publishing.

I Love Football Live Wallpaper was our next Android experience. A different kind of experience because it was not a game.

But soon we started to develop our first big project with Brain Optimizer and we started to feel that Tic Tac Fun was not so great compared to the much better quality work that we are doing with Brain Optimizer. So the first reaction was: Lets update Tic Tac Fun. The problem is that there is thousands of tic tac toes games. We bet that most of them were developed and published by similar reasons to ours. So we decided to mark an end to Tic Tac Fun and we removed the app from the market.

I Love Football Live Wallpaper however it is in a different stage. It's not a game but its a product that we have for sale in Google Play and we think that we can do much better with I Love Footbal. So we decided to temporarly remove the I Love Football Live Wallpaper from Google Play until we can relaunch a new redesigned product as soon as possible. This new I Love Football Live Wallpaper will be relaunched as an update of the current product, so everybody that bought I Love Football will have the oportunity to update for free.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brain Optimizer update v0.3 available now

We are proud to announce the release of the v0.3 update to Brain Optimizer (beta) on the Google Play.

This is an important and long waited update that brings a entirely new game called Sequences to the Numbers category while general improves the game in several other aspects.

The new game Sequences is awesome. Simple and addictive. You're presented by numbers and you've to click them in order from lowest to highest. Can you reach the 1000 points?

We also improved the touch area detection in all games so you will feel more confortable and pleasant to play them over and over again.

Another big thing that comes with this update its a new system loading that does a much better job in managing the memory allocation and preventing typical app crashes while speed up the loading. Yes...faster loadings :)

You will also notice that the design was improved. We hope that you enjoy this update and have better fun with Brain Optimizer.

Please notice that Brain Optimizer v0.3 is still in a beta version, but this update is important because it marks a new wave of updates that hopefully will turn Brain Optimizer in a full version up to 16 games and other game options.

Here's a quick list of What's new in v0.3 update:

1) New game called Sequences (available in the Numbers category).
2) New loading system (faster loadings).
3) ~60% reduction on the application install size.
4) Improved design.
5) Improved touch detection.
6) Improved score system.
7) Improved screen sizes compatibility.
8) Reported bugs and crashes fixed.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Studio39 works for 2013

Dear Android gamers,

We finished 2012 with the release of Brain Optimizer v0.2 update that although still in a beta stage the feedback is being fantastic. Our plans for Brain Optimizer in 2013 are the best and we're planning to finish the game over this year. This means that some major updates are in the works to be released in the following months bringing more mini-games to all categories and new features to the game.

While Brain Optimizer deserves all our attention we didn't forget our other products that are also available in the Google Play: the live wallpaper I Love Football and the tic tac toe game Tic Tac Fun. In fact a major update for each of this two products are also in the works for 2013. We will redesign both products to be displayed beautifully in smartphones and tablets introducing also some new features.

So this means that 2013 will be an active year to Studio 39. Between Brain Optimizer, I Love Football and Tic Tac Fun there is a lot of good work to do but that's not all. We are planning to introduce two new Android games in 2013. Stay tunned :)