Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brain Optimizer update v0.3 available now

We are proud to announce the release of the v0.3 update to Brain Optimizer (beta) on the Google Play.

This is an important and long waited update that brings a entirely new game called Sequences to the Numbers category while general improves the game in several other aspects.

The new game Sequences is awesome. Simple and addictive. You're presented by numbers and you've to click them in order from lowest to highest. Can you reach the 1000 points?

We also improved the touch area detection in all games so you will feel more confortable and pleasant to play them over and over again.

Another big thing that comes with this update its a new system loading that does a much better job in managing the memory allocation and preventing typical app crashes while speed up the loading. Yes...faster loadings :)

You will also notice that the design was improved. We hope that you enjoy this update and have better fun with Brain Optimizer.

Please notice that Brain Optimizer v0.3 is still in a beta version, but this update is important because it marks a new wave of updates that hopefully will turn Brain Optimizer in a full version up to 16 games and other game options.

Here's a quick list of What's new in v0.3 update:

1) New game called Sequences (available in the Numbers category).
2) New loading system (faster loadings).
3) ~60% reduction on the application install size.
4) Improved design.
5) Improved touch detection.
6) Improved score system.
7) Improved screen sizes compatibility.
8) Reported bugs and crashes fixed.

Get it on Google Play

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