Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Take control of your time with Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2

We are glade to announce that we realeased of Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 on October, 27. Meanwhile we already have update the Stopwatch to version 1.5.

Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 its a great usefull app that we designed carefully to make you feel that belongs to you SmartWatch 2.

Whenever you need to time an event just start Stopwatch from your wrist and make it happen.

Stopwatch works with milliseconds precision and it saves battery life by showing you only the Hours:Minutes:Seconds while running. When you pause it the Stopwatch will show you the complete time.

Stopwatch features screen Auto-Dim brightness to save battery life. This feature will automatically dim the brightness of your SmartWatch 2 screen after every 10 seconds without interaction.

Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 is available for sale on Google Play at €0.99.


Get it on Google Play

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