Sunday, August 14, 2011

Awesome new update for Tic Tac Fun

Yesterday we have released a new update to Tic Tac Fun.

It is in fact a Major Update, that includes a new main menu redesign and great new features.

FunStats is a statistic functionality that counts every game you do and present you some statistic results. Take a look to the "Success" statistic rate, that shows you your current rate of success in the game.

FunRewards is a new awesome functionality that will give you goals to achieve and you will be rewarded. Coming Soon.

If you already have Tic Tac Fun installed on your android smartphone, you can upgrade for free to 3.1 version. New users can download/install for free the Tic Tac Fun already updated, from Android Market.

Tic Tac Fun on Android Market

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